Enjoy Rocking W Stables, located right next to Karway. Riders of any skill level can partake in a 45- to 50-minute 3-mile guided trail ride through the North Woods. Guests ages 6 and older can ride solo for $30, or for $35 visitors can ride double on a horse to accommodate riders age 5 and younger. Pony rides also are available for $5. Rocking W Stables employs teens and adults alike, both experienced in riding horses and able to guarantee a relaxing and enjoyable ride through the scenic northwoods. Rocking W Stables is located 1 mile north of Eagle River at 1890 Pleasure Island Road, near the intersection of highways 45 and G. For more information, call Rocking W Stables at (715) 617-6779.

For information and group rates please call 715-479-4450 (Kartway) or 715-617-6779 (Rocking W Stable)

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